Mishima Toban - 20.5x19.0x8.0Hcm

$30.24 $33.60

Mishima toban pan. This pan is made in Yokkaichi, that is one of the most popular ceramic-ware region called "Banko", in Mie prefecture. This Mishima toban is the best sold earthenware pan for decades, and the quality is absolutely the highest. Please follow the step below to maintain this pot and use it for years. 1. Before the first use, boil rice or flour with water for a few minutes so that the tiny spot on the surface of pot will be covered. 2. Warm water cleaning is more preferable, but if you want to use detergent, rinse your pot well because the pot may absorb the detergent and it may affect your food. 2 sizes available.

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