Rooted in Tradition

Unwavering Legacy in Japan's Ceramic Landscape

For over 60 years, Miyake Ceramics has flourished in Toki-city, the epicenter of Japan's ceramic industry. This deep-rooted history underscores our reliability, consistency, and commitment – attributes that wholesalers can bank upon.

Competitive Edge with Premium Quality

BUNTEN-KILN Technology: A Game-Changer

Our BUNTEN-KILN, armed with the In-Glaze firing technique, ensures designs that are not only striking but enduring. As a wholesaler, this means offering products with a distinct competitive edge: superior designs that last. Coupled with our certified commitment to health and safety through heavy-metal free paints, you can offer products that are both stunning and safe.

Commitment to Excellence

Unwavering Quality, Compelling Price Points

While our dedication to quality is steadfast, our pricing strategy is tailored for our wholesale partners. Enjoy the dual benefit of sourcing premium products at price-matched or even more competitive rates than the market, ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction.

Diverse Offerings & Strategic Pricing

Streamlined Sourcing, Quantity Discounts

Our expansive product range from ceramics, wood, glassware, to bamboo tableware and kitchen tools means centralized sourcing for wholesalers. And that's not all – the more you order, the better the pricing gets. Benefit from our generous quantity discounts, making bulk orders even more cost-effective.

Seamless Business Experience

Your Success, Our Priority

Navigate overseas transactions with ease, relying on our vast experience. Our streamlined ordering, shipping, and post-sale processes mean faster turnarounds and reduced hassles, ensuring you're always ahead in the market.