Kannyu White Earthen Pot


Kannyu = Crack pattern. Gray glaze pored into these cracks and it makes this pot more beautiful.
The Donabe is an earthenware pot that can be used on the stovetop to prepare a variety of nourishing stews, soups, and porridge.
This kind of Donabe pot is called semi-porcelain, that has characteristics of both porcelain and pottery. Extremely durable and keep contents warm longer.

To use Donabe for 20 years.
1. Donabe is an earthenware and has a liquid absorbability. In order to avoid cracks, boil flour or rice with water for a few minutes, cool it down, and dry naturally so that the tiny holes on the surface will be covered.
2. When you wash your Donabe, a detergent is not very recommended since the Donabe may absorb it and it may affect the food flavor. Rinsing by warm water is the best way.

*Please note that the Donabe pots are not for deep frying, and not for heating when empty.

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