Plate Arrangement Shooting at Kifune

Location: Oroshi, Toki-City, Gifu-Pref., Japan

Chef Ito practiced at Tsukiji Sushiko in Tokyo, one of the most popular Sushi restaurants, and opened Kifune more than 20 years ago. In the "NO-SEA Prefecture," GIFU, he carefully selects seafood at fish markets in the Nagoya area according to the customers' preferences and requests. He cooks ingredients in a season with simple and authentic decoration. Even fishers and fish dealers admire Chef Ito's dishes.

We have visited him for photo shooting of our new collections, and Mast Ito generously worked with us.

The tableware on the pictures are;

Other items on the pictures are also available at Miyake Ceramics.

We hope you got some idea of how to decorate Japanese plates.


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