Ceramic Painting #2 – Paints 1

<Type of paints>
1. Japanese Paint = WAEGU
Waegu are like colored glass so they have transparency (made from silica stone, glass, and lead.) Lead is prohibited from being used on any tableware and lead-free paints have been invented. Since lead paints have more transparency and vividness, they are still used on decorative items, such as statues, vases, and ornament plates.

Waegu’s transparency makes you need to heap up the colors to make them thick.
Another feature of Waegu is its color-change. Gray paint turns into vivid green, pink paint into reddish brown, and light gray into purple by heat reaction.

2. Western Paint = YOEGU
Western paints are opaque paints that are similar to watercolor / oil color paintings. Since it is like regular painting, Yoegu is relatively easier to handle than Waegu, and Miyake Ceramics uses this Yoegu for western style tableware.


Arita, Kutani, Mino, each ceramic-ware region has its own unique paints that have been invented by craftsmen with their secret ratio of materials. When you look at a Japanese hand-painted ceramics, it may be fun to see the difference of their colors.

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