Hita-City, Oita Prefecture in Kyushu Area. This city is popular for natural pure water, and the main industry is forestry and brewery.

Maruhara was founded in 1899, and it is the oldest company in Hita-City.
The main products of Maruhara is Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, Miso, and Ramune Soda.
The president of Maruhara; Mr. Hara says that their philosophy is “tasty” and “mixture of traditional and contemporary”.
Appreciating the beautiful nature of Hita area, they keep producing the quality tastes for  more than 110years.

<Maruhara Rainbow Ramune >
Ramune – Ramune is a glass-bottled sweetened carbonated drink originally from the United Kingdom. The sound of “Ramune” is a corruption of “Lemonade”. The unique design of the bottle was also imported from the United Kingdom. A glass ball corks the mouth of bottle, and the opener is placed on the ball. Ramune bottles can be sassily opened by pushing the glass balls down with explosive sounds like sounds of opening champagne bottles. This explosive sound guarantees the quality of the content. Even though the origin of Ramune is British Lemonade, the taste is not only lemon flavor, but also orange, melon, apple, and grape.
Maruhara Rainbow Ramune has 9 flavors that are produced by natural colors.
*Please note that exposing to sunlight can fade the color of Maruhara Rainbow Ramune.

They always welcome visitors to their Ramune factory, and you can try and purchase their soy sauce, fish sauce, and ramune soda at the traditional Japanese-style store.

Check MARUHARA PRODUCTS at our web catalog.

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