Product Gallery Vol.4

We proudly introduce our new collections.

Sou sauce:
from Maruhara, Hita, Oita, est.1899. Hita-City is well-known for its natural pure water, and the Maruhara soy sauce and Ramune soda are made from the water. The feature of soy sauces from Kyushu area is a little sweeter than the ones from the other part of Japan. This UMAMI soy sauce is good with Tofu, Sashimi and Tamagoyaki.

Kintobi Noodle:
from Kintobi Shiga, Gamagori, Aichi, est.1917. Kintobi’s Kishimen noodle (flat noodle) is widely eaten in the Tokai area (central Japan, Aichi, Mie, and Gifu). The amazing feature of this noodle is that it keeps its chewiness for hours; therefore, you can boil it in the morning and it can be served in the evening with the same quality as just boiled.

Sansho Pepper:
from Alpha Foodstuffs, Nagoya, Aichi, set.1925 (originally Asaiya Satoten, sugar trader). Sansho pepper is mainly used for Unagi eel meals, Tempura, and Udon noodles. Sansho is also widely used by Chinese cuisine for its medical effects of sterilization, detoxification, and painkiller.

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